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Credit: FTCRY

This article originally appeared in InStyle.

Hate to break it to you, dear reader, but this unicorn trend has officially jumped the shark.

The mythical creature that once adorned every single one of our Lisa Frank binders is quickly becoming the makeup muse of the moment, and we’re kind of having a hard time wrapping our heads around it. Sure, holographic finishes are flattering and a nice break from the routine colors of the spectrum, and we can even get down with glitter eyeshadow to an extent, but frankly, some of the product selections can feel pretty infantilizing. And it isn’t just in the beauty world—we’re all well aware of the chaos that was Starbucks’s unicorn Frappucino by this point, and it seems like every time we log onto Facebook, new videos toutin unicorn bagels, unicorn poop cupcakes, and unicorn avocado toast dominate our news feeds.

Suffice it to say that the unicorn trend has peaked.

Here, we put together a list of the weirdest, most ridiculous unicorn-themed beauty products we’ve found yet.

1Pearl Bath Bombs Unicorn Ring Bath Bomb

Credit: Pearl Bath Bombs

What smells like cotton candy, lists fairy dust as an ingredient, and houses a ring inside? This bath bomb—there really isn’t a punchline aside from that here.

Available at Pearl Bath Bombs | $17

2Sugar Milk Co. Unicorn Donut Bath Bomb

Credit: Sugar Milk Co.

Man, there is just so much going on here.

Available at Sugar Milk Co. | $5 each

3Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Vegan Hair Dye

Credit: Lime Crime

For those special occasions when you want to wear all the colors of the wind—or the My Little Pony universe—in your hair.

4Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel

Credit: FTCRY

Guess it’s safe to assume that allergy season is the sparkliest season of them all if you were born a unicorn.

Available at FTCRY | $10 each, or $35 for the set

5Farsali Unicorn Essence

Credit: Sephora

If this serum is made from the essence of unicorns, does that mean it’s technically cruelty-free considering they don’t exist outside of the Harry Potter universe?

Available at Farsali Unicorn Essence | $54

6Unicorn Poop Lip Balm

Credit: Etsy


Available at Etsy | $4 each.