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Lourdes Avila Uribe
July 10, 2018 12:27 pm

When it comes to beauty products and clothing items, we’re all about using and wearing what we want, when we want — even if it’s not something typically deemed cool or on an editor’s top 10 list. Our new column, IDGAF, I Love It, is a love letter to favorites that are undiscovered or forgotten, whether it’s a lowkey amazing lipstick or a dress that came out four seasons ago. We don’t give a F, we love it. 

As a person who has considered herself fancy since she was but a small child, having access to high-end beauty products thanks to my job is a joy and a thrill. It’s a feast for the senses and my pampered skin. Give me all the creams, serums, masks, and makeup, and I’m a happy camper. The more luxurious, the better. Given the fact that I’ve been lucky enough to test such a wide breadth of beauty products, you’d think my tastes would gravitate towards the expensive. I will admit that oftentimes it does. But if you were to strand me on a desert island with one beauty product, I wouldn’t be bringing my La Mer, Caudalie, or Tatcha. I would swing by my friendly, neighborhood Trader Joe’s and pick up some Tea Tree Oil facial pads.

These trusty face wipes are under $4, come in a simple plastic container, smell strongly of tea tree oil, and have done more for the quality of my skin than just about anything else. Take away my eye creams, but you will pry my Tea Tree Oil facial pads from my cold, dead hands. I’ve woken up in a panic before at the thought of Trader Joe’s discontinuing this skin-saving product.

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They’re basically a cleanser, toner, astringent, and exfoliator in one.

We already know that cult-fave ingredient tea tree oil is a powerful antibacterial, making it perfect for combatting acne. It leaves your skin feeling soft and clean, in large part thanks to its waffle-like texture. It picks up dirt and grime like no other and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense product that is actually effective, this is the face wipe for you.

Technically, you’re supposed to rinse your skin after using it, but I’m not about that life. I want to feel the power of the tea tree oil seeping into my pores. And if you’re thinking that these pads must be full of strong chemicals to be so effective, then you are sadly mistaken, my friend. Not only are the free of common preservatives, parabens, lanolin, and nickel, but they don’t test on animals – which is crucial for an animal lover like myself.

I first came upon Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil face wipes eight years ago, during a bout of terrible adult onset acne.

Author / HelloGiggles

I tried everything to get my skin to settle down – including expensive treatments, facials, and products.

I stumbled upon these little pads while on a routine shopping trip at good old TJ’s. Little did I know, these bad boys would change my life forever. Within just a couple of days, my skin was clearing up. Do not underestimate how powerful these little pads are. It’s the best cleanse your skin will get without leaving it feeling parched.

Word to the wise, the smell is strong – but don’t be intimidated, it’s just the power of the tea tree. Once you give them a shot, you’ll be stocking up like I do during every Trader Joe’s visit. If I’m being completely honest, I’ve kept these wipes my own little secret for years because I live in terror that one day I’ll show up and they will be sold out. A true beauty lover’s nightmare.

If you’ve got normal to oily skin, I can’t recommend Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil face wipes enough.

Author / HelloGiggles

Die-hard beauty devotees may scoff that such a low-brow product could be so powerful, but I only speak the truth.

Don’t believe me? Pop on over to your nearest store and pick one up for yourself. You might need to hold your breath the first couple times you use it, but when you see how clean and fresh your skin looks and feels after just a few uses, I have a feeling you’ll be a convert.

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