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A few years ago, K-beauty products and trends (BB creams, sheet masks, essences, multi-step routines) finally gained the prominence they deserve out West and virtually flipped the beauty industry on its head. And the takeover is nowhere near over. The North American industry has much to learn from the Korean beauty industry, whether it be about ingredients, trends, or procedures.

One K-beauty brand that has resonated with North American consumers is Too Cool For School. Between the cute packaging, kitschy names, and affordable yet effective products, the brand has become a staple for beauty obsessives world over. And now, at long last, Too Cool For School is available at Target. Yes, it’s true: the next time you’re browsing through the aisles, stocking up on things you don’t need but suddenly can’t live without, head on over to the beauty section for some of your favorite sheet masks, moisturizers, and more.

Too Cool For School’s egg and pumpkin collections can now be found at over 900 Targets across the U.S, including the Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask, Egg Mellow Cream, Egg Mousse Pack, and other cult faves.

Below are some of the Too Cool For School products you can now buy at Target.

Too Cool For School Moisturizing Sheet Facial Treatments


Featuring a blend of niacinamide, egg white and yolk extracts, and coconut extract, this sheet mask is beyond hydrating.

Too Cool For School Moisturizing Cream Facial Moisturizers


This 5-in-1 firming moisturizer is infused with collagen and feels so luxurious on.

Too Cool For School Pore Reduction Cream Facial Treatments

Great for oily skin and enlarged, congested pores.

Too Cool For School Anti-aging Cream Facial Treatments


An exfoliating overnight treatment that works while you sleep? Sign us up.