Gina Florio
Updated Dec 07, 2016 @ 1:50 pm
Credit: Lush / Clorox / HelloGiggles

There are some blunders so hilarious it would be a crime to stop them from spreading across the internet. As for the latest knee-slapper, it involves a Lush bath bomb and a Clorox toilet bowl cleaner (okay, that kind of sounds like the intro to a dad joke, but we promise that’s not where we’re headed). A few folks have discovered that Clorox Bleach & Blue toilet bowel cleaner tablets strongly resemble Lush bath bombs. If not in smell, at least in looks.

Credit: Lush / Clorox / HelloGiggles

The colorful number on the left is an actual Lush bath bomb, and the one on the right is a Clorox tablet that’s made to clean your toilet bowl. Honest mistake, we guess? They’re both round, two-toned, and kinda grainy looking, after all.

A few people made the mistake of actually tossing the Clorox tablet into the bathtub before they realized what was going on. Someone shared the experience in a group chat as it was happening, and it wasn’t long until it showed up on Twitter.

“I’m so upset. My first bath bomb and it wasn’t even real”

We can understand your pain, girl. We’re just glad you got out of that tub soon enough! A few others seem to have run into the same problem.

As funny as the whole thing is, there’s a serious side that needs to be addressed. Clorox is a really strong chemical that doesn’t mix well on the bare skin. If you jump into a warm bath that’s been accidentally anointed with a Clorox toilet bowl cleaner, you could end up with skin discomfort or even a rash. Your eyes could even get irritated if you get any of the water on your face.

To avoid damaging your gorgeous skin, double back on the packaging and make sure you’re relaxing with a lovely Lush bath bomb, and not a Clorox tablet.