Credit: Guerlain /

In our opinion, glitter never get old. It might get messy and get everywhere, but it never gets old. This slow motion glitter spray video is proof that yes—we not only love wearing and crafting with glitter, but watching it sprayed into the open air is totally putting us the best kind of trance.

Apparently, all of our holidays wishes have come true. Guerlain—a brand known for glamour—introduced the most magical spray-on glitter ever! Those little light-reflecting glitter particles just scream “holidays!” Honestly, with their track record, we’d expect nothing less and we’ve got to get our hands on this.

Souffle D’or de Shalimar, a fine shimmering gold powder mist, is coming, people! Get ready! This glorious concoction is perfumed and comes in a gorgeous blue bottle with matching spritzer bulb. It really brings out that old, Hollywood glamor and we love it! Video blogger, Jane Daly, compares the perfumed scent to one of the company’s most popular fragrances, Shalimar, so it has to be good. Daly recently took to Instagram to film the spray in all its glory and you won’t be able to look away! #sorrynotsorry

Right?! If that’s not the most mesmerizing thing you’ve seen all day, we don’t know what is! If you aren’t completely convinced this is THE holiday go-to this year (also great as a gift), watch the video below (again and again). We’re sure you’ll change your mind! Daly is sold, calling a “masterpiece,” and so are we.

We believe in the magical pixie dust, Guerlain. We definitely believe.