Credit: Louise M. Keane /

We have such a big heart for sweet costumes. Sometimes you just wanna be a fuzzy little thing, and nothing does that quite as well as a totally adorable animal costume. Especially a DIY bunny costume! So when we came across this ah-mazing bunny costume Halloween makeup look by Instagrammer Louise M. Keane, we were instantly head over heels.

Like, come on. How amazing is this bunny costume?!

It’s so, so adorable.

And the closer you get, the more you realize this actually is such a work of art.

Every detail is actually so, so flawless. And that color! It pops so perfectly. Ugh, we wish we had these skills!

Watching this look happen is like watching magic happen. She’s so stunning.

Love, love, and love! Our makeup-loving hearts totally approve this look.

Who knew an angel could be so angelic?!

Luckily, we don’t have to put in too much guesswork, because she explained every step of the way.

And that’s not all, obv!

Seriously, TG we don’t have to try and decode this ah-mazing look on our own.