Rachel Charlene Lewis
November 30, 2016 7:05 pm
@stefansalamone / www.instagram.com

When we’re bored, or just need a little bit of nature in our lives (but don’t want to go out side because, well, obv), we love spending time scrolling through floral tattoos on the internet. There’s just something about amazingly stunning floral tattoos that really does inspire us, and make us feel so much more connected to ~Mother Earth~! Whether they’re blackwork tattoos or color tattoos, we dig ’em. So when we came across these tiny floral tattoos that make up a flower garden, we were 100% on board.

Melbourne-based tattoo artist Stefan Salamone is giving us major #goals with these absolutely stunning tattoos. This tattoo garden is so, so dreamy!

Tattoo artist explained,

We have nothing but heart eyes for this adorable set of tiny floral finger flowers!

Clearly this artist is a master of tiny floral tattoos, and big ones, too!

How epic is that? We’re seriously digging this style.

This single flower is just as beautiful. We’re so impressed by this level of detail!

Plus this colorful arrangement of tiny floral tattoos is just as ah-mazing.

Time to plan super floral, super tiny tattoos of our own!