Oset Babur
February 27, 2017 12:23 pm
Coco Floss / www.instagram.com

Going to the drugstore often takes place when you’re down the last squeeze of toothpaste, or when even your backup deodorant is on its last legs. But most of us have a lot going on in our day-to-day routine, and keeping track of how much floss you’ve got left is probably as exciting of a priority as scheduling annual medical exams or weeding your way down to inbox zero. That’s why it’s time to hook up those basic necessities to subscription services instead of heading down to your local pharmacy!

Think about it — you can get excited about what’s coming in the mail (who doesn’t prefer nicely-packaged snail mail to standing in line at the drugstore?), and you’ll cut down on the number of days you have to go without lip balm because you don’t have time to grab it. You may already be familiar with monthly tampon subscription services like Lola, but there are other personal care products that can be delivered right to your door.

If you have drugstore fatigue, here are five brands you can switch to for your basics. (You’re welcome!)

1Native deodorant, $12

There’s nothing wrong with staying loyal to the Dove sticks your mom got in value packs at Costco when you were in high school. But there’s a lot to love about Native, a Silicon Valley startup that makes aluminum-free deodorant that actually does its job. No anti-perspirant here, which is great if you’re tired of those white streaks and stains on your shirts. Eucalyptus Mint is the best scent, hands down (plus, it’s gender neutral).

2Cocofloss, starting from $8

If I didn’t know about this brand, I’d probably fail to floss regularly enough. Cocofloss comes in the typical Mint flavor, but even better, also in options like Fresh Coconuts and Cara Cara Orange. The clever packaging tells you roughly how many days you have left before you need to re-order. Plus, it’s owned by two sisters, so hooray for supporting small businesses owned by women!

3Quip toothbrushes, starting from $25

You’ve definitely seen the ads for this on Facebook, and as someone who hasn’t used a manual toothbrush since high school, I promise this is a worthwhile shift away from the freebie dentist’s office toothbrush you’re using. You can schedule refill heads every three months, which means you no longer have to remember when the last time you changed out your toothbrush was. And it comes in trendy rose gold. Enough said.

4Dollar Shave Club, starting from $55

This is the first product I stopped buying at drugstores and started buying online — mostly because I hated paying a ton for razors, and all the plastic waste I was creating from tossing them out every few weeks. I also wasn’t doing a good job of switching out the heads I was using. With Dollar Shave Club, you can schedule shipments every month or, like me, every other month. $6 for four razor blades is a way better deal than what you’re paying for the fancy pink Venus stuff. And no pink tax!

5Glossier, $40

They’re definitely the most luxe item on the list, but sometimes, self care means abandoning your Burt’s Bees or Vaseline for something a little more fun. While Rose, Cherry, and Mint are meant for your lips, Coconut Balm Dotcom works as a cuticle cream and quick moisturizer, so the cost-benefit analysis is already on your side.

With options this good, we could totally be convinced to stray from the drugstore…