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Credit: IT Cosmetics / Instagram

All too often our favorite products are expensive and linked to unethical business practices, so it’s a true breath of fresh air when we find beauty products that are both fun and support good causes! The make-up brand IT Cosmetics has just released a new product called the Love Beauty Fully brush in collaboration with Ulta Beauty, and each brush purchased supports women currently in treatment for cancer! How exactly does it support women going through cancer treatment, you ask?! Let us fill you in.

For every brush purchased, one is donated to the Look Good Feel Better organization, which gives cancer patients beauty tools and treatments to help lift self-esteem and brighten the otherwise physically exhausting months of treatment.

Of course, it also helps that the brush itself is soft and glamorous.

Why not treat yourself and a stranger who could use a pick-me-up?

As shared in the mission statement on their website, the Look Good Feel Better organization is focused on using beauty care as a tool of emotional respite from cancer:

You can buy one of the Love Beauty Fully brushes online for $30!

There’s nothing to lose here.