Updated Apr 17, 2019 @ 12:09 pm
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Under the hashtag #selfcare on Instagram, there are over 13 million people that believe something as simple as a shower has the power to help one reset and de-stress. Unfortunately, there are over half a million Americans who don’t get to experience this luxury. Homelessness is increasing, yet the access to basic necessities such as a hot shower is steadily declining. The Right To Shower is an emerging brand that recognizes this major issue and is committed to making a change. The brand is putting its money where its mouth is by donating 100% of its 2019 profits to bring mobile showers to homeless Americans.

Gentrification is on the rise in major cities across the nation while shelters to house the homeless are unwaveringly closing doors. This is placing more people on the streets without access to basic needs such as safe showering spaces. Something so simple as a clean hot shower can make you feel more confident in yourself. The Right to Shower recognizes this and is on a mission to bring this right to all people regardless of socioeconomic status.

The shower products are available in four scents—Dignity, Hope, Joy, and Strength —all created to reflect the feelings evoked after showering.

Credit: Courtesy of The Right To Shower

The products are available in a bar ($6.99) and shower gel ($11.99) that are gentle enough to be used from head-to-toe.

Above all, The Right to Shower’s products are 100% vegan and sustainably sourced.

The Right to Shower is staying true to its commitment to creating change down to its 100% recycled packaging. The bottles and bar boxes are also recyclable after use, so purchasing one of these products not only helps someone in need but also the environment. If you’re looking to get more involved, you can also donate and volunteer. Your involvement helps the brand to transform buses and trucks into mobile shower units in hopes of transforming someone’s life.

The Right To Shower is officially available at Whole Foods and on Amazon. Below are some of the life-changing purchases that you can make from the brand.

1Dignity Charcoal + Cotton Blossom Bar Soap

This detoxifying blend is meant to elicit feelings of self-worth while balancing your skin.

2Strength Red Ginger + Currant Head To Toe Cleanser

This stimulating blend will wake up your senses and your inner strength.

3Joy Tangerine + Honeysuckle Head To Toe Cleanser

The energizing fragrance of tangerine paired with fruits will get you excited to start your day.

4Hope Aloe + Dewy Moss Head To Toe Cleanser

A calming blend of aloe, sage, and sweet clover will silence a racing mind.