Stephanie Hallett
Updated Dec 15, 2016 @ 1:23 pm
Napa Valley Film Festival 2016
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In a year when things were basically just hella stressful all the GD time, it’s no surprise that women now want to turn to low-key, easy-to-achieve hairstyles throughout 2017. We’ve slowly been abandoning our time-consuming straighteners and curling irons, and we’re guessing you are, too — because the #1 hair trend Pinterest predicated for 2017 is no-heat styles.

From overnight “braid-made” waves to simply embracing the hair’s natural texture, experts at Pinterest say no-heat styles shot up by 40% in popularity this year.

With a certain ~someone~ taking office in less than a month, we’re guessing we’ll all want to spend a little more time fighting the power and less time fixing our hair. So here are a couple of easy, no-heat styles we know we’ll be keeping on hand for 2017 (and beyond).

Rock the heck out of your hair’s natural texture. Let it air dry and just live.

Add a single braid to your low ponytail for some extra spice.

Twist your curls up into a “fro hawk.”

Twirl and pin your hair before bed for beachy waves in the morning.

Pull half of your bob up into a messy bun for a weather-proof style.

Use this faux French braid technique to give yourself a gorgeous twisted crown.

Give your top knot an upgrade with this backside French braid.

Wishing you a year of truly effortless, fabulous hair.