I have always loved reading, and after spending most of my time lately reading the boring, hefty texts that were assigned for my lectures, I was in need for a good pick-me-up. I was watching the always-lovely Ellen DeGeneres one day while sitting at my computer doing some light homework when I noticed that I started paying more attention to her show and less to my computer.

There she was, Portia DeRossi on her wife’s show, speaking about this memoir of hers called Unbearable Lightness; I was immediately hooked. I have always been a fan of Portia. My parents were HUGE fans of Ally McBeal and as soon as she was cast for season 2, she was no doubt my favorite actress on the show. She seemed strong and was incredibly beautiful and I found myself wanting to be exactly like her. So of course, after watching this episode of Ellen, I found myself going to the nearest book store to pick up my new “pick-me-up book” for my reading list.


As I began reading the first chapter, I noticed that this memoir was less of the dream life that I wanted of Portia’s and more intense and honest. I have never read anything that has made me feel grateful for my life and my health. It was beautiful, real and completely candid.

DeRossi speaks of her eating disorder, constant purging, dieting and struggle with her sexuality. Being a young woman, I completely understand that need to fit into what our society holds as “beautiful”. Young girls are constantly comparing themselves to actresses on television, models in magazines and even the peers that they consider to be more attractive. (This I know from personal experience) After finishing DeRossi’s words I couldn’t help but feel happy that I never lived her life. After growing up admiring this gorgeous, blond bombshell, I could not help but to feel happy to not have her life? This wasn’t right; it’s what I always wanted.

So I am here today to thank you, Portia DeRossi. Thank you for telling your extraordinary story. Thank you for being blunt and open about your illness. Thank you for making me grateful for being myself. Thank you for helping me pick out one thing I love about the way I look everyday. And thank you for being the strong, incredibly beautiful actress that I always knew you were…both on the inside and out. Because it is women like you that more young girls need to look up to. It is women like you that we need more of in this world.

Honesty matters…

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