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If you’re one of the many people who embarked on Dry January this year, congrats on making it through the month—and cheers to the end. To help celebrate the end of what feels like a very long January, whether or not it was a particularly dry month for you, Tarte Cosmetics has released two brand new, super cute lip gloss and brush sets.

The first is called “Wine Not” and features a red-tinted lip gloss and a large fluffy red blending blush. The second set, called “Rosé is Bae” is pink gloss and brush that’s great for blending powder and creams.

Both glosses are shaped like wine bottles, while the brushes are in the shape of cute classes. Both sets are, of course, vegan and retail for only $24. You can shop the cute Tarte collectibles now at tarte.com.

Tarte Rosé Is Bae Lip Gloss and Brush Set

Please note the adorable confetti-filled, flute-shaped brush.

Tarte Wine Not Lip Gloss and Brush Set

How chic is this gold wine glass-shaped brush? We can’t wait to get our hands on it.