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Some of our favorite brands tried to pull the wool over our eyes on April Fools’ Day with creative pranks, and many, like Tarte’s Icy Betch palette, had fans calling for the real thing — it’s just too good to simply remain an April Fools’ joke.

After a day of watching brands like Lush tease us with a beer bath bomb and Hidden Valley dangling a ranch-inspired beauty collection in front of our faces, makeup lovers are ready for the real deal. Whoever comes up with these pranks must be reading our makeup-thirsty minds, because we would gladly take any of them IRL.

Tarte’s Icy Betch palette has inspired the most fervor of any prank because the shades are actually gorgeous. There are 12 shades in a range of icy blues and greens that could give Princess Elsa a run for her money. Even the packaging is an absolute dream. And given that the winter seems to be clinging on with cold, dead hands, it couldn’t be more appropriate.

The fact that Tarte tends to exclusively release palettes in warm hues has fans feeling especially ready to jump on this bandwagon. It’d be a first for the brand — all they need to do is change that saucy name (tho it’s hilarious) and it’s ready to go.

What do you think, does the Tarte Icy Betch palette need to become a reality?

Fans are asking Tarte to make their dreams a reality, and while it’s unlikely that Tarte will heed the call, we can’t blame the brand’s fans one bit.

We completely agree.

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The departure in shade range from Tarte’s usual repertoire makes it extra enticing.

Given this response, Tarte might want to consider changing it up a bit.