The past couple months have dealt a devastating amount of natural disasters globally, and there are sadly scores of people still in dire need of aid. Often, during these times help comes from the places we least expect, and the makeup brand Tarte Cosmetics serves as a shining example of an unexpected, but much-needed source of help.

Today, on Wednesday, October 11th till midnight, Tarte Cosmetics is holding a fundraiser to benefit natural disaster victims. The Tarte Cosmetics 24-hour #stormoflove fundraiser will function like a social media telethon with influencers hosting 30-minute Facebook live segments to benefit the charities of their choice.

The a live fundraiser will be hosted by over 40 top social media influencers and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to disaster relief efforts.

Also, Tarte will be matching all donations up to $200,000! Some of the organizations the influencers plan on supporting include UNICEF, Waves for Water, Hispanic Federation, Habitat for Humanity, and ASPCA. Some of the participating influencers include Ellarie, Chrisspy, and Grav3yardgirl.

During the sessions influencers will chat with their fans, host live Q&As, while also encouraging their followers to donate.

If you want to take part, you can head over to for donations, or text Giving to 56512 to participate. Also, each social media influencer will give fans different codes to donate to specific charities.

While the social media fundraiser only lasts for 24 hours, the Youcaring page will stay up until October 14th. So keep the donations rolling in.