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We don’t know what magical forces in the universe are blessing us, but for some incredible reason, Tarte is launching a new shimmery eyeshadow palette called Make Magic Happen that looks like it was sent straight from the cosmos. Didn’t they just drop a massive amount of new products a week ago? Tarte is seriously not letting up when it comes to raining goodness down on their fans, and we are eternally grateful.

Tarte has positioned themselves as the majordomo of the beauty world as of late, thanks to an incredible array of products made of the best quality that are just as surprising and enchanting as they are beautiful. Hello, did you get a load of their new candy-themed perfume?

It won’t be long before the Tarte Cosmetics Make Magic Happen Palette will be available for $32.

Their perfume is coming out June 1st as an Ulta Beauty exclusive. Could this be part of that launch as well?

Tarte’s Make Magic Happen Palette consists of 9 warm and cool shades in a liquid-to-powder formula that will ensure the shades are ultra-creamy and blendable.

As if that’s not enough, there’s also a new Sex Kitten liquid black eyeliner and what appears to be a gorgeous highlighter headed our way. Fingers crossed that these are all part of the Double Duty line that’s in the pipeline.

The rich shades of the Make Magic Happen palette just couldn’t be more beautiful. We can’t wait for it to torpedo its way into our makeup drawer because with shades this stunning we can definitely see ourselves using it daily for just about every occasion we could possibly imagine.