Supergoop! Eyeshadow
Credit: Courtesy of Supergoop

Since its launch in 2007, Supergoop! has proven to be quite revolutionary in the sun care category. Founded by Holly Thaggard as a response to her kids’ public school’s ban of sunblock during outdoor activities (due to lack of funds), Thaggard set out to launch a sunscreen company that was mess and hassle-free, wouldn’t leave a white cast on skin, and was super easy to apply.

Since then, the brand has come out with a truly invisible sunscreen with legions of fans and the first-ever mousse formula sunscreen, and plenty other faves.

Now, Supergoop! is set to flip the sun care category on its head once again, with the launch of not one, but two innovative products.

Credit: Supergoop!

The first is the brand’s first color makeup product: Shimmershade SPF 30, a cream eyeshadow with SPF 30. The shimmery formula comes in three shades and is made with a blend of blend of rose, roman chamomile, jasmine, and sunflower—as well as built-in sun protection. This is especially important because so many people forget about their eye area when applying sunscreen, and it’s an especially important area because of how thin the skin around your eyes is. In fact, dermatologists report that 5% to 10% of skin cancers are found there.

Supergoop! Shimmershade
Credit: Supergoop!

The second Supergoop! launch is Poof Part Powder SPF 45, a sun care product formulated specifically for the scalp. If you’ve ever burnt your scalp, you know how painful it is, and how game-changing this product will be this summer. The non-aerosol nozzle allows you to spray the powder directly onto the roots, so you don’t mess up your hairstyle throughout the day. Bonus: it gently soaks up excess oil, too.

Credit: Supergoop!

Fun fact: Supergoop! Poof Part Powder SPF 45 is the first-ever sun-safe, hair-approved SPF for the scalp. Both products will be available on March 18th on, March 19th in Sephora stores, and March 21st on Shimmershade SPF 30 will retail for $24 and Part Powder for SPF 45 $34. May we suggest stocking up before summer hits?