Madison Vanderberg
May 31, 2016 1:18 pm
Coco Bee Naturals

Sunscreen is one of the most hotly debated skin care products around these days. Literally all doctors will be like, “Are you covering yourself head to toe in sunscreen every single day and re-applying every five seconds until you go to bed?” and then all-natural supporters are like, “But don’t buy sunscreen from the drug store because they are filled with chemicals that will give you cancer!” and then everyone else is like, “But drugstore sunscreen is waaayy cheaper, but also, I don’t want chemicals!”

I personally am fair skinned and low-key obsessed with avoiding skin cancer, so I may have found the solution.

Coco Bee sunscreen is made from three ingredients: Coconut oil, zinc, and organic beeswax. THAT’S IT!


They start at $12 and yeah, it’s a small bottle but it glides on and I felt like I was using less sunscreen than I would in a more traditional tube.

Also, because its base is coconut oil, it actually feels like a moisturizer, something I have NEVER said about traditional sunscreen.

I know a lot of women of color have said they want to use all-natural and zinc-based sunscreens but they can’t because zinc tends to show up white on the skin and doesn’t blend in. Coco Bee actually has a tinted sunscreen for the body that is made with coco powder!

Coco Bee/HelloGiggles

My coworker Eva tried the tinted sunscreen and said, “It’s a little thick when you first put it on but afterward I could hardly feel it. However, it does smell pretty strongly of coconut which was a bit of a turn off for me (was everyone going to wonder why I smell like coconut?) but might be good for coconut lovers.”

Okay, I LOVE the smell of coconut and that hyper-coconut smell is actually my fave part. I feel like I’m constantly on a Caribbean vacation when I wear it.

The sunscreen comes in two strengths, medium (like an SPF 15) and high (SPF 30). Check it out here, or not, or whatever, I’m just really feeling it, but maybe that’s because I love a coconut. 💁🏼