Credit: Patrick Bates /

We’ve all sort of resigned ourselves to the fact that 2016 is a hellish thing to only be escaped with time. Like, come on. Between the disaster that is this election and also the police brutality, homophobia, and other evils that continue to plague our country, everything is a little bit bad. Luckily, though, we’ve also become more invested than ever in self care. And one form of self care that’s a wee bit more permanent? A good ol’ tattoo.

These beautiful stick-and-poke tattoos are seriously so uplifting, and we’d definitely feel better if we had a little positive body art to sneak a peek at every time we start feeling a bit down in the dumps. Here are some of our fave stick and pokes by artist Patrick Bates!

Like, check out these words of wisdom!

We need them all. Stick-and-poke tattoos forever!!

These rad illustrations.

Of only the most uplifting of things.

And these.

Love, love, and love.

And, of course, this amazing inspiration.

We feel better already, TBH.