Gina Florio
Updated Feb 24, 2017 @ 2:45 pm

Baths were forever changed when bath bombs were introduced to the world. The small, heavenly scented, colorful balls added a certain adventure to bath time that we’d never experienced before. Since they’ve risen to popularity, we’ve seen all sorts of wacky and wonderful bath bombs released, like the Lush Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb that’s still being developed in the U.K.

All you coffee lovers out there will be thrilled to learn that we’ve been gifted with yet another special kind of bath bomb. Allow us to introduce you to the Frappuccino Bath Bomb, created by Shea Shea La Bomb, who has an Etsy store, and inspired by Starbucks, of course. They look exactly like a Starbucks Frappuccino, complete with Starbucks logo and whipped cream.

Don’t they look good enough to eat?! (Maybe don’t actually eat them, though.) Shea Shea La Bomb has also made a Strawberry Frappuccino Bath Bomb, which is the perfect dose of pink your bathroom needs.

Shea Shea La Bomb may not be as popular of a brand as Lush is, but just one look at their Instagram will show you that they’re the ones to go to if you’re looking for tasty-looking, dessert-like bath bombs. They also make Kiss Me Cupcakes, Peach Bellini Bubble Truffles, and Hot Chocolate Bath Bomb Cupcakes. Speaking of cupcakes, they have a whole line of cupcake bath bombs that look so delicious you can almost taste them through the screen.

It looks like Shea Shea La Bomb doesn’t have anymore Starbucks bath bombs in stock at the moment, but she has other options you’re going to obsess over. Like this birthday bath bomb for about $8, or this 12-set of mini cupcake bath bombs for $30. Visit Shea Shea La Bomb’s Etsy store if you want to find out more about their products, as well as a way to turn your bathtub into your own personal Starbucks.