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Credit: StackedSkincare

Certain minimally invasive skincare procedures, like microneedling, have had a major makeover in recent years. They’ve gone from procedures done by dermatologists for only the most hardcore skin care enthusiasts to casual at-home routines that can be performed in the comfort of one’s own bathroom.

At-home facial tools are more popular than ever, so it only makes sense that Instagram-famous brand StackedSkincare has made its way to Sephora.com. As of today, you’ll be able to shop for the brand’s beloved tools—and skin care products, like its Hyaluronic Acid and PSC Peptides serums—on the Sephora website. Prices range from $30 to $150.

Launched by Los Angeles-based Kerry Benjamin in 2012, StackedSkincare has seen massive growth thanks to popularity of the at-home facial tool category. “I’ve always been selective with my brand’s retail growth strategy by only choosing partners who are the right brand fit,” says Benjamin. “Sephora is the perfect retailer for StackedSkincare; I’m confident that Sephora’s customers are going to love what we have for them!”

Below are some of our top StackedSkincare picks, which you can shop now!

StackedSkincare Microneedling Tool 2.0

Using tiny, stainless steel needles to exfoliate skin, microneedling as a procedure has a massive loyal following.

StackedSkincare Dermaplaning Tool

A single-edged blade that removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz, this dermaplaning tool allows for flawless makeup application.

StackedSkincare Ice Roller

You know how good it feels to put your jade roller in the fridge? This is like that to the extreme, because the tool is filled with gel and water (!!!).

StackedSkincare Micro-Roller

Awfully cute for something that’s covered in tiny needles, tbh.