Olivia Jakiel
September 13, 2016 4:05 pm

We absolutely LOVE anyone who can rock a bold, vibrant hair color; but do you know what we love even more? Anyone who can TWO bold, vibrant hair colors at once.

That’s right — we’re talking split-dyes, the ultimate cool girl hair style. And while it may seem intimidating to take your hair from natural to slightly-Harley-Quinn or full on Cruella DeVille, we can assure you that there’s a split-dye out there for everyone.

A smokey silver paired with an icy blonde color is a great way to update the classic black/white split dye!

OMG can you say MERMAID HAIR?!

Pink and purple look like cotton candy together!

Contrasting colors make everything pop even more!

Keeping one side natural mixes up the traditional split dye.

Orange and deep red make her hair look like a beautiful sunset!

Smokey grey lends perfectly subtle contrast to jet black !

Oookay, that’s it, get to us to the salon!