Natalia Lusinski
February 11, 2017 9:16 am

We all know some beauty products and procedures are expensive, but we also know they don’t have to be. The internet, aka Reddit, was outraged at the idea of spending $750 on a facial and, hey, we get it. We so get it. Yes, people took to Reddit after seeing a YouTube video where women went to get facials, costing $17 to $750, reported Refinery29.

What’s the $750 facial option, you may wonder? Is it made of gold?!

Well, sort of. Some of it contains 24-karat gold, according to the YouTube video, which you can watch below. It’s called the “Cleopatra Facial” — yup, after Cleopatra herself, according to a woman in the video. She allegedly used gold daily. The woman also says the gold is “Anti-aging, producing your own collagen.”

But, as we all know, there are many non-gold facial options out there.

For instance, Kylie Jenner uses a facial beauty mist — that’s only seven dollars! (And, tbh, she can afford to spend a lot more than that!) Plus, there are always inexpensive DIY face masks that work wonders for our skin.

So…$750 for a facial?!

You can check out the vid here, courtesy of BuzzFeedYellow, and see if you are convinced.

Many redditors were not having the spending-$750-for-a-facial.

Another had similar feelings.

“Most of the stuff that’s actually good for your skin is super basic and cheap,” said redditor Jupiter178, who went on to list examples, such as a hot shower (i.e., steam to open pores) and a moisturizer. “That’s why the people with the gold and the truffles and all that nonsense have to dress it up with all the pseudoscience,” Jupiter178 said. “They know that you’re paying $740 extra for, at best, a placebo effect.”

As for us, we know there’s a lot of other things we can spend $750 on — #cheapfacialgoals. Agreed?! But you can watch the above and decide for yourself.