Gina Florio
July 26, 2016 2:14 pm
Tony Davis/ - Summers Eve/ - Tattooist_Doy/
Tony Davis/ - Summers Eve/ - Tattooist_Doy/

The best tattoos – like all museum-worthy pieces of art – are the ones that have a deeply personal meaning and can also be universally understood at the same time. That’s why it’s no wonder space tattoos are such a huge hit. They remind us of just how hugely magical our galaxy is, while also encouraging us to remember how special we are as individuals. With this in mind, when you see the following snapshots, we have a feeling you’ll be inspired to become a tattoo space cadet of sorts.

1. There’s this whimical, star-gazing scene:

2. An all-knowing moon:

3. These constellations!

4. A stunning interpretation of the planets:

5. This very, very cool moon phase piece:

6. A “human complex”:

7. This psychedelic galaxy:

8. A star-studded scale:

9. A deliciously galactic ice cream cone:

10. That’s one colorful chorus of planets:

11. An outer space-inspired bear:

12. This geometric shot of the galaxy:

13. A moon-rose combo:

14. Deconstructed planets:

15. An absolutely unbelievable hourglass: