In an industry where women are pressured to look exactly the same, model Sophie Tweed-Simmons is breaking the cycle. The musician and actress got into the business when she was just fourteen, and ever since has worked towards body acceptance and diversity in her work, and that all begins with personal wellness.

“Wellness is specific to each person. To me, it’s taking care of your body and having the long term in mind and not punishing yourself,” she told The Cut in an interview. “The gym used to be a punishment for what I ate. That’s hard on your mental wellness, and people forget about the mental aspects of your health, but you can’t punish yourself for indulging.”

Of course, the concept of “wellness” is different for each person. The way Sophie sees it, it’s about what makes you comfortable. “When I was in high school, I thought wellness was being skinny and pretty. I think a lot of young people still think that,” she explains. “Wellness has many different shapes and sizes; you can’t just look at what your best friend is doing and do that. It should be what makes you feel best and what makes you happy.”

When it comes to the industry, it’s not as simple, but she’s working to make body diversity a reality.

With women like Sophie speaking out, change is sure to happen. We fully support her in her mission and can’t wait to see all kinds of women join her in changing the world.