Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated September 10, 2016 3:56 am

Long gone are the days where blonde hair is assumed to be reserved for people of certain skin tones (and like, TG for that!), and this colorist just totally proved it. None other than Sofia Richie’s colorist, that is! Alyssa Gammo has been doing lots of blonde ‘dos on a huge range of ladies, and, like, WOW, do they all look incredible. Gal after gal totally kills the blonde locks, proving that blonde is the official color of fall. We’re here for it.

Let Richie prove it to you herself:

Like, hello, flawless. Fall’s blonde is all about warmth and dark roots, and we’re head over heel’s! Talk about a lighter color we can finally keep up with.

Here’s some of our fave looks by Richie’s colorist!

1. This babe with bangs

Bangs are *so* in.

2. These highlights

In case you’re not ready to commit!

3. This wavy bae

100% need now.

4. This stunner

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

5. Just look at this color!

It’s seriously so stunning.

6. This sleek look

We’d rock it.

7. This lighter blonde

Just as beautiful.

8. This blonde with a lollypop twist

We’re loving the pop of rainbow.

9. This curly beauty

We love curls!

10. This edgy blonde

So, so rad.

11. This blonde chop

A perfect update on the icy bob!