Credit: Popsugar

Who doesn’t love a good Snapchat filter? They’re a super fun way to express yourself, and the fact that they recognize faces by comparing the pattern of dark vs. light spaces is genuinely fascinating. But wouldn’t it be cool if someone replicated the eye-popping filter looks in actual REAL life? Oh, wait! Duh, someone has, because of course.

Nairie Aintablian is a special-effects makeup artist in Los Angeles, and she’s used her tremendous creativity to transform her face into the Electric Daisy, Strawberry, and Fierce Feline (our personal favorite) filters—without the use of the app.

The results are nothing short of amazing. (And then there’s the fact that Aintablian makes it look so easy!) This Popsugar video is only 1:46, and it’s 100% worth a visit from your eyeballs.

It’s great to see the makeup application process from start to finish, and it makes you appreciate how intricate it all is. Of course, Aintablian has more amazing-ness where that came from. Check out this eye!

This makeup artist is the real deal. We’re still obviously going to use Snapchat filters because they’re so quick and hilarious, but the way she wields that makeup brush is inspiring and shows off some legit talent.

But we’re taking notes, so that by the time Halloween rolls around, we’ll be ready to make our IRL debut.