Some liquid lipstick prices can be pretty steep. But nothing compares to this latest latest jewel-encrusted beauty item. Smashbox’s Lip Editor In Chief created the most expensive lip style. And it earned its hefty price tag thanks to the fact that diamonds – yes diamonds – were used.

And let’s just say if you want to rock this look yourself, you’ll need to start saving up like yesterday. Or win the lottery because this look ain’t cheap.

Vlada Haggerty wanted to start her new job as Smashbox’s Lip Editor In Chief off strong. And what is stronger than diamonds?! That’s why she teamed up with Zoe Chicco and created the “Most Valuable Lip Art,” according to Guinness World Records.

By placing 6.5 carats worth of diamonds on a model’s face, Vlada Haggerty left everyone else’s records in the dust.

Besides the amazing diamonds glued to the lips, Be Legendary Liquid Lipstick was used for the striking red shade.

If you are looking for some crazy cool lip art and design, you really should be checking out Vlada Haggerty Instagram account. In addition to being cool AF, her looks are intricate, innovative and totally drool-worthy.

Even if you are not a huge fan of makeup, you will still be able to enjoy the geometrical designs she creates.

Just take a look at this honeycomb design!

Just imagine how long it took to individually glue down each piece! Her other works are just as stunning.

Above all, Vlada Haggerty is an artist, and her canvas just so happens to be lips.

We are in awe of this talented women’s visionary approach to lip art. And we simply can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!