No matter how old you are, it’s still pretty horrifying to look in the mirror in the morning and find a brand new zit that wasn’t there the night before. We’ve learned through trial and error over the years what makes our skin break out, like touching our face too much or using the wrong kind of face wash, and what we can do to make the pimples go away.

But there are some unexpected things in our daily life that make our skin break out, and we’re here to unearth what those might be.

You might think you’re doing everything right—drinking enough water, washing your makeup off every night, etc.—but there could be a few sneaky culprits that are messing with the glory of your dewy skin. Fret not, though, because they’re easily fixable.

1Your pillow case

When was the last time you washed your pillow case? It may feel like nothing but a cloud of comfort at the end of your day, but it’s actually a swimming pool for germs and bacteria to grow. After all, that’s where all the dirt and oil from your face and hair get stored each and every night.

Make sure you’re swapping out your pillow case often enough. Experts recommend sleeping on a new one every two to three days (yep, time to do some linen shopping). Also, be sure you’re washing your face every night and pulling your hair into a bun before you go to sleep.

2Tap water

If you’ve just recently traveled or moved somewhere new, your face might need some time to adjust to the different kind of tap water you’re exposing it to. Hard water isn’t treated and it might interact differently with your face wash, so don’t be surprised if this new combo makes your skin break out.

The first precaution you should take is switching to a more gentle face cleanser, preferably one that’s non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. This should make it much easier for your face to handle the sometimes harsh tap water.

3Your laundry detergent

Basic laundry detergents are often made with chemicals and fragrances that could wreak havoc on someone who has sensitive skin. If you find that your skin is breaking out for virtually no reason, try switching to a more natural detergent and see if that makes a difference. Look for ones that are dermatologist recommended, have no dye or fragrance, and are approved for sensitive skin.

4Too much air conditioning

This might not be the most pleasant news to hear as we’re moving into the hot summer months, but there is such thing as too much A.C. When you crank the A.C. up at home or in the car too often, your face will dry out to an unhealthy degree, and it’s likely that your skin will break out.

This happens because your skin is so dry that it feels like it needs to produce more oil, so all that excess grease leads to unwanted pimples. If you just can’t live without the A.C. on every second of your day, at least put a humidifier in the room to try and soften the air up.

5Your partner’s beard

Beards are ultra sexy, but they could be the culprit of your zits. The prickly hairs graze against your skin and maybe even cause a rash. All that irritation will make your skin inflamed and it might even result in bacteria getting into your pores. Cue the acne flare-up.

Have a conversation with your SO about potentially trimming their beard or getting rid of it altogether. At least give it a shot and see if your zits clear up. Your partner will understand.

6Your cell phone

Yes, we’re talking about that little device that all but runs your life. You might be talking on it too often, and holding your iPhone to your cheek for hours at a time is known to make your skin break out. All the things that come into contact with your phone screen are now invading your skin, so the results aren’t always pretty.

Keep antibacterial wipes handy and clean off the screen every chance you get. You could also use headphones or speaker phone to carry out your conversations. Because the less things that touch your precious face, the better.