Bronwyn Isaac
March 31, 2017 12:25 pm

The process of maintaining conventional beauty standards (if you’re genetically and financially privileged enough in the first place) can be nothing short of absurd and grueling. So when we saw Instagram photos of Goldie Hawn’s dazed face during her skin care treatment, we felt ready to rush up and down the church aisles for a few amens.

The legendary and forever young Overboard actress (who also happens to be Kate Hudson’s mother and doppelganger) posted a photo of herself looking completely hypnotized while wearing a face full of hydrogel patches.

Her obvious commitment to an involved beauty routine is made more relatable by her unbothered nature, she looks completely “over” the process.

We get this feeling completely, even waiting for nail polish to dry can feel like a mini-eternity.

For those curious about the details behind her skin care routine, she was wearing the hydrogel patches from SkynIceland ($30).

Besides the obvious cooling effect, these patches sit on your face and infuse it with brightening and firming peptides and botanicals so you feel like a fresh peach (or whatever fruit you prefer).

If only there was a hydrogel patch for our world-weary souls.

Maybe that’s what Netflix is for?!

Celebrities are just like us, overrrr it.