You will not believe the size of the waitlist for this shimmer body scrub. It is gorgeous, so we definitely want it, but the wait is outrageous!

We previously gushed over Frank Body’s new Shimmer Body Scrub, and we’re still in love.

While we fully support this new glitter-ific scrub, the waitlist is getting way too long to be manageable.

In case you missed it, Frank Body’s shimmer scrub looks wonderful. It is a coffee-based product that has a glitter element. It’s basically like having a unicorn coffee bath to make your skin feel magical. What could be better?

It is made out of sugar, salt, coffee beans (ground and roasted), vitamin E, grape seed, and mica. All of these elements together help to hydrate and exfoliant your skin. Oh, and you’ll shimmer like a disco ball, which is awesome.

The bad news is that if you want it, you’re going to have to wait in a very long line.

In fact according to Brit + Co., the line is at 50,000 people!

The body scrub will be available on May 1 for purchase, but the waiting game could have you on hold for a lot longer.

If you want to feel like a unicorn using this product, which has Glow Dust — aka actual gold and silver particles — then it’s worth the wait.

Plus, according to the brand you should always “throw shimmer, not shade,” so we are SO on board with this product.

If you do want to sign up, click here. Unicorn’s unite…and we can’t wait to try this fabulous scrub and feel like the magical creature IRL.