Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Dec 09, 2016 @ 2:02 pm
Credit: Lush /

For those of us who grew up in the era of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and were fascinated by the magical world behind crayon-making, this video of one of Lush’s Bubble Bars getting made may spark a sense of childhood wonder. At least it did for us.

This Lush holiday bath product seriously comes to life, and it’s the most mesmerizing thing. Of course, just in time for the holidays, the video shows their limited edition Peeping Santa Bubble Bar being created! We all know that Lush products are soothing and relaxing, so it’s no wonder that this behind-the-scenes footage is beyond calming.

This video is one of the latest in the How It’s Made series, featured on Lush’s Youtube channel. It was fascinating to witness the process that goes into making of this festive bubble bar!

Credit: LUSH

The Peeping Santa Bubble Bar apparently features fair-trade cocoa butter and hand-churned shea butter.

Credit: LUSH

Then, they mix the strawberry fragrance with the colors.

Credit: LUSH

They also have to mix very thoroughly before adding in the powders.

Credit: LUSH

Next up, Lush staff starts shaping the mixture into tiny Santas.

Credit: LUSH

Then, they apply a creamy Shea Butter mixture to the middle.

Credit: LUSH

After, they top it off with vegan chocolate eyes. Sounds yummy!

Credit: LUSH

You can watch the entire video to see the full process.

It looks good enough to eat.