Gabriela Herstik
March 09, 2017 4:42 pm

As humans, we’re blessed with noses which means we’re naturally nosey. And finally, our curiosity is satiated because the reigning queen of sarcasm, Aubrey Plaza, just revealed household items she lives for, and she’s just like us. The Parks and Recreation actress just revealed some of her favorite online purchases to NYMag and now we’re trying not to spend all our money on Amazon. Her list is filled with everything from natural deodorant to tea to her acting coach’s book. Our favorite, however, has to be the Lucas’ Papaw Ointment, which at $8 is really a steal. Aubrey says it’s a miracle ointment and that she has it on her at all times. The balm is made in Australia from Australian papaws, also known as papayas, and they’re pretty much just miracle workers for your skin.

Lucas' Papaw

Papaw ointment, $8.25

Aubrey has only the highest regards for this product, telling NYMag,

Aubrey is proof that a good icy glare is best served with moisturized lips.