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One of the brightest and best cult water bottle brands is now available for purchase at Sephora, and we are over the moon with excitement. Now beauty lovers can grab BKR’s newest water bottle collection through Sephora’s website, and you can stay hydrated while racking up Beauty Insider points. Win-win, right?!

The launch is in celebration of BKR’s new Big Spiked water bottle collection, which gives us the sculptural beauty of their spiked water bottles in a larger 1-liter size (the original ones are 500ml). We are on board for all of this news.

The brand’s co-founders, Kate Cutler and Tal Winter, shared their excitement for the launch in an email sent to HelloGiggles.

There are four Big Spiked water bottles in the collection and they each cost $55.

We want them all.

Credit: Courtesy of bkr

The black Big Spiked water bottle looks like a weapon from a video game…

Credit: Courtesy of bkr

…while the opaque lavender Big Spiked water bottle reminds us of a pristine Lego structure.

Credit: Courtesy of bkr

This is currently sold out on Sephora, but you can snag it on BKR’s website!

The naked Big Spiked water bottle somewhat resembles a pineapple.

Credit: Courtesy of bkr

Okayyy, a really chic pineapple you can drink water out of.

Last but not least, the tutu Big Spiked water bottle looks exactly like its namesake.

Credit: Courtesy of bkr

This is understandably is out of stock at Sephora — look how cute it is! However, you can add this water bottle to your cart if you shop it on BKR’s website.

Now we can rack up beauty points the next time we buy a cute water bottle.