Credit: Zoella Beauty

We always love it when a beauty blogger we’re already digging comes out with a line of beauty goodies for us to enjoy. So naturally, we were overjoyed when we heard the beauty blogger Zoe Sugg (more affectionately known as Zoella on YouTube) came out with a line of cosmetics to soothe our winter needs! The famed Youtube vlogger Zoella has a beauty collection at Target and she’s releasing a full line of luxurious soaps and scrubs to chill us out in the coldest of seasons. The official vision for the Zoella Beauty line is to produce a collection of bath and beauty products that would help women (and everyone) breathe deep, relax, and treat themselves.

Credit: Zoella Beauty

Currently, the only product available at Target (and online) is the Ginger Bread Fizz Trio of luscious bath accessories, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sneak a peek at a few of the goodies coming out in January 2017!

We can feel ourselves relaxing already just by looking at some of these goodies.

First off, we must fix our eyes on the Ginger Bread Fizz Trio which is currently available from Target, $12

Credit: Target

But in January you will also be able to douse yourself in Blissful Mistful in order to smell like a fresh-bloomed garden, $12.95.

Credit: Zoella Beauty

You can also scrub away the troubles of the work-week with the Pretty Polished Sugar Scrub, $12.

Credit: Zoella Beauty

In January we can also keep our hands baby soft with the Wonder Hand Moisturizing Hand Cream, $8.50.

Credit: Zoella Beauty

When all is said and done, we can top our sweet selves off with some Whipped Wonder Body Cream, $12.

Credit: Zoella Beauty

That is, before we spritz ourselves once more with the Blissful Mistful perfume, $8.50.

Credit: Zoella Beauty

Are you feeling as excited for the line as Zoella herself? We sure do!

Credit: Zoella Beauty

We can’t wait until the whole line is available at Target in January 2017!