Thanks to terrifying news, the term “bath salts” might make you think of other things — but let’s remember their original meaning. They’re meant to help you relax in a tub. And these new bath salts smell like pizza. So really, only good things should be associated with them again from here on out.

While relaxing in pizza-scented water may seem a little outlandish, don’t forget that White Castle once introduced a burger-scented candle. And Cheetos once created a perfume — which was meant as a joke, but was somewhat sought after. Food is relaxing to many of us, and you can’t deny that the smell of pizza is pretty awesome.

The bath salts have been created by a company called Village Vanguard out of Japan.

Credit: Village Vanguard /

While pizza is the “flavor” we’re most excited about, the line also includes yummy favorites like gyoza potstickers, yakiniku grilled meat, and beer. Yes, beer. (Bathing in beer is a real thing, but these salts — which will retail for a little under three dollars, will be much less expensive.)

According to Mashable, the flavors will be available mid-June, but are able for pre-order now. They’ll make a pretty incredible Father’s Day gift, so you might want to stock up.

But while you’re waiting, just know that there’ll be absolutely no judgment from us if you want to take a bath with a slice in hand. In fact, that sounds pretty heavenly.