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SoulCycle fans will soon have a new way to treat their bodies and spirits after a long, hard ride.

SoulCycle’s senior master, Stacey Griffith, plans to venture into beauty and it makes perfect sense. The fitness brand has tons of celebrity fans and several apparel lines for both working out and chilling, and this line will fit in perfectly.

SoulCyclists go HARD, and Stacey’s forthcoming bath collection will be an excellent way to relax those sore buns and guns after rocking it out on the bike for an hour. The collection includes a muscle soak, bath gel, bath oil, and candles.

The bath collection will probably smell better than your sweaty post-class clothes.

Stacey dreamed up her line of “spiritual bath products” after a gift to Oprah Winfrey went over really well. Stacey told the story of her Oprah exchange to WWD,

That’s not all either. She added,

Well played, Stacey!

Stacey knows that water is restorative and spiritual.

Keep an eye on Stacy’s Instagram for more info as it becomes available.

A previous version of this article stated that Stacy’s line was part of the SoulCycle brand. We apologize for this error.