Credit: VladimirFLoyd / Getty Images

Sometimes all it takes is a great set of shapewear to boost your confidence from a 5 to a 10. And that’s totally okay. Shapewear sucks you in, smooths you out, and makes that red sparkly bodycon dress look amahzing. But shapewear isn’t just for bellies, hips, and bums! Thanks to an MIT chemical engineer, there’s now a form of shapewear for your under-eye bags.

Said MIT chemical engineer, Robert Langer, works for Olivo Labs and is the co-founder of Living Proof, a seriously good hair product company. Langer created this new skin-tightening technology using a two-step, skin-conforming polymer film technology.

This is a lot more hig- tech than slipping on some super-tight underwear!

Basically, the formula becomes like a second skin after application. As Marie Claire reports, to begin, one must apply a “reshaping” base on clean skin. Let that dry and then apply the “activating” catalyst layer atop the base.

Then watch the magic happen! Check out the video below to see the wizardry at work.

Scientists hope this technology can be used beyond the world of cosmetics as well. Because it’s waterproof, the formula with added medicine or drugs could be applied as a form of treatment for skin conditions. Perhaps this could also be the shapewear of the Nicotine patch and other similar treatments.

And just like regular cosmetics, the second-skin can be removed with an oil-based makeup remover or cleanser.

The technology is a few years-old, but apparently some beauty companies are looking into obtaining licensing for it. That means this new scientific shapewear could be available for us to wiggle into in the near future!