Claire Beaudreault
Updated May 11, 2017 @ 11:00 am
custom masks
Credit: Courtesy of Skin Inc

Skin Inc just revealed the first multi-masking facial system that is customizable for your unique skin care needs. Plus, it makes you kind of look like a superhero.

Skin Inc has helped us save face in the dead of winter, and skin care fans swear by their vitamin-packed serums. The Facial In-A-Flash Mask Series is a line of three Hydrogel sheet masks that can be applied in pieces, so you can create the kind of mask your heart desires.

The three masks are infused with precious metals like gold and platinum and are formulated with Skin Inc’s serums and other botanical ingredients. Each mask comes in two separate portions (top and bottom of the face) for up to nine combinations.

The brand teased their new collection with images that color coordinate with the masks.

The Soothe-n-Purify Black Gold Mask helps to calm and detox skin with Vitamin C, purifying charcoal, and pure gold. This mask provides hydration and relief to repair tired skin, regulate sebum production, and remove impurities.

Credit: Courtesy of Skin Inc

The Lines Be-Gone Rose Gold Mask is an anti-aging mask that plumps and lifts with Vitamin A, rose and floral extracts, and even more gold.

See what we mean about superheroes?

custom masks
Credit: Courtesy of Skin Inc

Finally, the Get Glowin Platinum Mask brightens the skin with Vitamin B, floral extracts, and platinum. Redness and sallowness will be reduced, as platinum and natural extracts work together to combat environmental damage and make skin glow.

Facial In-A-Flash Multi Masking Bento Set (PACK OF 3), $33

Credit: Courtesy of Skin Inc

You can shop the Skin Inc Facial In A Flash Mask Series for $12 per pack or $33 for a “bento box” pack of 3.