The world of subscription services is constantly growing and expanding, bringing everything from the news to sheet masks straight to our doorstep. But now, a new collaboration between Salma Hayek and Juice Generation will bring a brand new smoothie subscription service to the masses that we’ve all been secretly needing.

Called Blend It Yourself, the Salma Hayek brainchild allows customers to order premixed blends of organic flash-frozen fruits and vegetables for their smoothies. All you have to do is add water or nut milk, pop it in the blender and enjoy!

In a press release sent to HelloGiggles, Salma Hayek shared her excitement for the collaboration with Juice Generation,

Credit: Courtesy of Juice Generation

The Blend It Yourself line includes five different blending categories: Beauty, Greens, Superfruits, Protein, and Acai Bowls.

Each category includes three blends, so there are 15 BIY goodies. The three blends in the Beauty category can function as smoothie mixes OR face masks (just add a drop of water), and include Papaya Avocado, Water Hibiscus, and Aloe Greens.

Credit: Courtesy of Juice Generation

Greens category includes bold and nutrient dense flavors such as Blueberry Ginger, Pineapple Cashew, and Blended Greens.

While the Greens category features some of our favorite staples, the Superfruits group focuses on exotic ingredients with blends such as Pink Pitaya Chia, Coconut Mangosteen, and Passion Fruit Acai.

Credit: Courtesy of Juice Generation

The plant-based Protein category has earthy flavors such as Cherry Almond, Coconut Chai, and Peanut Butter Banana.

Last but not least, the hearty Acai bowls come in PB Acai, Hella God Greens, and Red Dragon Fruit!

Credit: Courtesy of Juice Generation

So many good flavors to choose from.

All of the ingredients are organic and the blends are specifically mixed to be delicious and energizing.

Credit: Courtesy of Juice Generation

We’re hoping they’ll give us Salma’s magic.

The Blend It Yourself website officially launches on June 12th!

Once the website is up, we can put in our pre-orders on blends and bowls! The first shipments go out on July 17th.