It’s hard for us to resist a solid rose-infused beauty product. The combination of sweet floral scents, and the myriad of health benefits that rose provides makes it a top notch ingredient for skin care. So, when we caught the sweet scent of Pixi Beauty’s two new rose-infused products we knew we were already on board.

Given how well this brand delivers, we have a feeling the two new skin treats from Pixi Beauty will quickly join the ranks of our favorite rose-infused beauty products.

Even the packaging for the new Rose Flash Balm and Rose Caviar Essence skin treatments give us the feeling of wandering into a field of wild roses (but without all of the terrifying thorns).

The Rose Flash Balm is an oil-free 3-in-1 formula that can be used to moisturize, prime, and brightener anytime — day or night. While the Rose Caviar Essence is a more concentrated moisturizing serum, meant to be applied once a day after toner. They both cost $24.

Now our faces can channel the graceful and formidable beauty of roses.

Or at least, we’ll have another favorite moisturizer and serum.

You can shop both of them online through the Pixi Beauty website if you’re feeling plucky.