Bronwyn Isaac
January 24, 2018 9:42 am

Despite being massively erased from media, acne is super common among people of all ages and genders. And while most people do get occasional breakouts and have acne-prone skin, it’s easy to forget that when we’re bombarded by images of photoshopped flawless skin. We drink water, adopt complicated skin care routines, change our diets, and still, many of us will struggle with acne our whole lives.

In order to shine a light on just how normal acne really is, photographer Peter DeVito started a series of untouched portraits featured on his Instagram. Each of the realist portraits are adorned with captions posted across the model’s face, sometimes it says “retouch,” other times it says “acne is normal” or “perfect doesn’t exist.” The point of the photos is clear, and yet no less poignant in the presentation.

During an interview with Elle, DeVito shared that he’s personally struggled with acne since the eighth grade. For DeVito, sharing unfiltered self-portraits as well as highlighting other people’s unique skin has been an act of empowerment.

Since launching his project, DeVito has received countless messages of support.

One of DeVito’s inspirations was the body positive movement, which he said often still exclusively promotes models with clear skin.

The series also aims to demystify stereotypes about people with acne, mainly, that they’re not already living a healthy lifestyle.

A lot of forms of acne require prescriptions from a dermatologist, while other forms can’t be treated.

A lot of his Instagram followers have expressed relief at seeing acne normalized.

It’s just good to know you’re not alone.

DeVito’s photos also aim to express that beauty is not defined or limited to having perfect skin.

You can check out more of DeVito’s work on his artist website.