Whether you’re 13 or 31, acne has the power to mess with your self-confidence. The frustrating thing about acne, as anyone will tell you, is that it’s so hard to determine a clear-skin solution, because body chemistry is all so personal. What works for someone else might not work for you. That’s why, when a person who has successfully taken control of their skin shares advice, we’re all ears. Enter Juli Bauer Roth, a paleo lifestyle blogger who recently shared before-and-after shots of her skin, and her secret to combating cystic acne and acne scars.

The image shows two photos of the blogger, a before and after. In the first shot, Roth has a bit of cystic acne; and in the second, her skin is smooth and clear. But as most of us know, acne tends to leave some evidence even after the zits go away, and Roth touched on that in her Instagram post’s caption.

She wrote,

She added,

Thanks to the help of a talented esthetician, laser treatments, and some patience, the food blogger has been able to nix all remnants of her acne.

Roth’s post is an important reminder that every single person is going through something and that acne doesn’t heal or magically disappear overnight. So if you’re dealing with acne scars, Roth’s advice may be right for you, and if nothing else, her willingness to pull back the curtain on what many of us experience is so refreshing.