Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Jan 04, 2017 @ 1:34 pm
Credit: Murad Skincare /

We all know that one person who carefully blots puddles of oil off their pizza before diving in. But what if our skin is the pizza covered in oil, and we are the person hoping to blot it into edible beauty? Well, luckily, Murad Skincare launched a blotting line that directly serves that purpose! So now, the tides of your skincare obsession can turn to a focus that’s more fun than taming wild oil, which is a win on all counts.

The brand new addition to our skincare regimen from Murad Skincare is called the MattEffect Blotting Perfector, which is a cotton candy pink powder that absorbs all of your excess oil, minimizes pores, and allows you to go about your day in freedom.

You can purchase it online exclusively for $39 through the Sephora website or directly from Murad!

It looks more like candy than a face powder, which adds to the appeal.

Do you feel ready to blot your face into a cathartic matte oblivion?

If so, the time has come for you to give the oils a new home.

Make sure to peruse the blotting goodies for yourself on the Sephora and Murad website if this feels up your alley.