A microbead got stuck in this person’s pore and the pictures will make you cringe and cry

Skincare is a tricky and sometimes painful business. Just ask this person who got a microbead stuck in their pore while washing their face. Luckily, they did what any person would do in an emergency — go straight to the internet to find out how to get it out. Two days ago, Redditor Casual_Mongolian posted in a skincare subreddit to see what his course of action should be, complete with totally gnarly pictures of the bead itself. Luckily, they said they weren’t in any pain, but wanted to get it out as soon as humanly possible before it became infected. That and the fact that the whole reason they were exfoliating was because they have larger than average pores and are prone to blackheads. Alas, a little blue microbead looks a heck of a lot like a blackhead.

Before they asked their fellow Redditors, they had tried using tweezers and a sterilized needle but it was “such a tight squeeze” that they couldn’t shake it out without tearing their skin.


Yikes. As much as the internet can be a cruel, harsh place sometimes, there were kind people ready to help them out. Many people suggested another go with tweezers or a needle, but the most effective way to get it out was much simpler than that and way more skin-friendly.

Can you guess what it was, fellow skincare gurus?

They used a hot towel to open up the pore and then a Q-tip to dab it out. (This, sans Q-tip, is also the best way to pop a pimple without breaking your skin or scarring, if you can hold off on picking at it long enough.)

Microbeads aren’t just sneakily working their way into people’s pores. In 2015, President Obama signed a law banning microbeads from toothpaste and soaps that will go into effect sometime later this year, so maybe this will never have to happen again to innocent face washers. Although they’re good for exfoliating on the cheap, microbeads are super bad for the environment.

The estimated billions of plastic beads that we rinse off every year end up in the sewer system and eventually lakes and rivers and canals and are gobbled up by fish and other wildlife. And fish and frogs shouldn’t be eating plastic beads. So whether it’s down the drain or stuck in your face, microbeads are ending up where they don’t belong. It’s probably a good idea to get rid of them and find more natural, less abrasive ways to keep the blackheads away.

Oh, don’t worry, we didn’t forget. Here are the crazy pictures of Casual_Mongolian’s skincare misadventure.

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Don’t let it happen to you.

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