Courtney Leiva
September 05, 2017 11:18 am
Lush Cosmetics /

Lush never leaves us disappointed, as the brand always seems to unveil quirky-cool items (seriously, those bath bombs though!) any beauty lover could get behind. And now that Lush is sharing its 2017 Christmas collection, we’re squealing with delight over new bubble bars, shower gels, and festive bath melts.

This holiday season, Lush definitely has old returning favorites (we’re looking at you Rose Jam!) inside its latest collection, but the brand is also unveiling soon-to-be epic products. Did we mention that this collection has over 100 items? We probably won’t be able to resist! You can expect to see lotions, body scrubs, body conditioners, shower jellies, bath melts, bath bombs, and so much more from the new Christmas line.

Before we get into some of the upcoming products, let’s dive into the standouts from the 2017 Christmas collection.

The *stars* of the collection are the Sparkle Jars. They are both moisturizing massage bars that you can flip over to sprinkle powder for an added glow.

Image Courtesy of Lush

For a closer look at the collection, here are some of the products we can’t stop talking about.

1Twilight Sparkle Jar, $9.95

Image Courtesy Of Lush

This lavender moisturizing massage bar can be flipped over to sprinkle powder for an added glow!

2Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar, $9.95

Image Courtesy Of Lush

If you want a sweet candy-scent, be sure to use this sparkle jar, which gives a gorgeous iridescent shimmer.

3Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb, $7.75

Image Courtesy Of Lush

This planet-shaped bath bomb treats your tub to a beautiful aroma of Brazilian orange and bergamot. Plus, the golden stars on this bath bomb will surely leave your skin all sorts of sparkly!

4Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb, $7.95

Image Courtesy Of Lush

Just like your favorite Christmas sweater, this bath bomb keeps you feeling super cozy with notes of spicy ginger clove.

5Once Upon A Time Naked Body Lotion, $10.95

Image Courtesy Of Lush

Fair trade shea butter and apple orchard perfume come together to leave your skin soft and smelling oh-so-good.

6Rose Jam Shower Gel, $9.95-$32.95

Image Courtesy Of Lush

A Lush classic, this argan-rich shower gel delivers the intoxicating scent of vanilla pure and rose absolute, right to your skin.

7Golden Pear Soap, $8.95

Image Courtesy Of Lush

If you are more of a soap lover, be sure to try out this sweet-smelling soap made with pear puree, cardamom oil, and organic cocoa butter.

8Butterbear Wash Card, $3.95

Image Courtesy Of Lush

Inspired by the Butterbear Bath Bomb, this amazing sudser brings a rich vanilla scent right to your shower.

9Magic Wand, $8.95

Image Courtesy Of Lush

This breathtaking little wand treats your bath to Snow-Fairy scented bubbles.

10Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb, $7.95

Image Courtesy Of Lush

Yum! This skin-softening bath bomb makes your bath water smell just like delicious cotton candy.

11Tree D Bath Melt, $6.95

Image Courtesy Of Lush

This luxurious bath melt uses cocoa butter and a triple citrus scent to help lift your spirits.

12Bubbly Shower Gel, $14.95

Image Courtesy Of Lush

A champagne-scented solid shower gel you say? Yes, please!

Although the Lush Christmas collection is set to be released in October, it never hurts to start adding any of these lovely offerings onto your Christmas wishlist list today!