Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Aug 15, 2017 @ 12:31 pm

We could all use a little sunshine in our lives. Sometimes, sunshine takes the form of a conversation with a friend or a walk in nature; other times, we create our own haven by lighting a candle and running a bath. The new Cheer Up Buttercup Lush bath bomb was created with sunny intentions in mind.

As with all Lush bath bombs, the brand new bright yellow Cheer Up Buttercup melts easily into your bath to create a colorful and moisturizing experience.

Credit: Courtesy of LUSH

It’s recommended as a morning treatment, or for those days off when you need a mental boost. It truly is as bright as the sun, topped with lovely blue cornflowers.

The best part? It’s launching today (August 15th), so you can be the early bird who bathes in the first fizz of sunlight. Really, who doesn’t want to fill a bath with liquid mood-enhancing sunshine, only to smell like a citrus dream afterward?

The Cheer Up Buttercup bath bomb costs $5.95 and once melted, reveals a fuschia core.

Credit: Courtesy of LUSH

Just like our hearts.

Are you ready to bathe in the sun?