If you were one of the many customers who fell in love with the limited-edition Lush Scrubee bee-shaped slice of magic, then hold onto your butts, because the beloved Lush Cosmetics Scrubee is coming back for your love this summer!

For those unfamiliar with the current queen bee of Lush products, the Scrubee is a bee-shaped moisturizing and exfoliating body butter made out of cocoa butter, honey, and coconut shells, to buff and soften your skin into pure bliss. But also, we suspect the Scrubee also owes a chunk of its popularity to the cute bee-shape, and the emotional attachments people form with their small body butter friend.

Credit: Courtesy of Lush Cosmetics

Due to widespread popularity, the Scrubee is slated to return to Lush at the end of July!

Lush’s Director of Brand Communications, Brandi Halls shared her delight over the Scrubee’s popularity in an email to HelloGiggles,

If you peek the #SaveScrubee hashtag on Instagram, you’ll quickly see just how popular the moisturizing bees have become.

This is proof that hashtagging is a good method for grabbing a brand’s attention!

We’re excited to have our bee friends back for the summer.

The official launch date hasn’t been announced yet, but we know it’s tentatively slated for the end of July! So keep your ears pricked for the buzz.