Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Feb 14, 2017 @ 5:45 pm

TBH, we’ve always wanted to know every last one of Lucy Hale’s beauty secrets. It’d be hard not to! The super talented and beyond beautiful Lucy Hale has turned into a beauty icon in her own right, and we get it, because we seriously love her too!

Luckily, the Pretty Little Liars star is pretty open about her skincare remedies, and we were lucky enough to learn Lucy Hale’s secret to perfect skin.

In a recent Instagram post, we came across Lucy Hale’s secret to perfect skin, and, like, we’re so curious.

She captioned the photo, writing,

We consider ourselves pretty educated about all things beauty and skincare, but this “green peel” situation is pretty new even to us!

To keep her skin in tip-top shape, Lucy turns to Molly, aka @skinbymollym, her esthetician and, according to Lucy, the main reason her skin has transformed.

So about this green peel. WTF is it?!

According to this post on Molly’s Instagram, it’s a super popular mask made of a blend of herbs created by Dr. Christine Schrammek. Luckily for those of us who are dying to give Lucy’s skincare tip a try, you can find a place to get a green peel all over the world!