Amanda Grace
Updated Dec 30, 2016 @ 1:30 pm
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Remember when there was an “it toy” every year for Christmas? From the Mystery Date board game to Tomagachis, there were items that we all coveted. As we have grown into the beauty fiends that we are, the items have naturally gravitated toward makeup and beauty products. Lena Dunham must have been pretty nice this year because she got the Neutrogena LED mask as a gift from her boyfriend. We have been wanting since it was announced! The mask comes charged with 30 10 minute acne zapping sessions for only $35! That’s cheaper than a spa facial! It is the extremely affordable version of the $1800 original LED mask that was the previous celeb favorite.

How chill is Lena rockin’ the Neutrogena? We need this LED mask!

If Santa didn’t bring you one, don’t fret, the Light Therapy Acne Mask is available on the Neutrogena website. As we said before, the mask comes with 30 sessions, but when you are done, hold on to the mask! You can buy a refill mask activator for only $14.99!

Credit: Neutrogena

Remember to cleanse (and dry!) your face thoroughly before use. We suggest Neutrogena’s oil free acne wash, one of our standbys since middle school! The new pink grapefruit version smells amazing and keeps your face looking bright! And come on, it’s PINK!

Oil Free Acne Wash, $7.99

Credit: Neutrogena

We love that the LED mask is a mess free way to treat our face! According to Neutrogena’s product description, the blue light targets acne causing bacteria while red light reduces acne inflammation! This blemish treatment is ~so futuristic~! We might not have flying cars yet (in public), but we have LED lit everything, which means we are one step closer to living in TRON!